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Maximize your effectiveness by utilizing the power
of the emerging technology and startup industry.

Give your brand a competitive advantage in the marketplace with fresh strategy and insights from the rapidly developing technology and startup sector. As target markets are becoming increasingly fragmented, the startup industry holds the advantage your company needs to win in a rapidly evolving landscape. Grow your brand with STARTUP MIND LIMITED, and utilize our specialty of connecting brands to the ever-evolving startup industry.

Our Mission

Be Aware of Ideas That Will Revolutionize Your Market.

The world's best and most innovative ideas come from those who specialize and know their market inside and out. STARTUP MIND LIMITED supports, works closely with, and fosters new talent and organizations because we believe the next big thing will come from a startup with a passion for their market and a desire to change the world.

Global Reach

Provide your company with access to the world's best innovators and innovations so that you can conquer your market.

Utilize a global talent pool as well as opportunities in the U.S. with STARTUP MIND LIMITED as we work with a range of organizations such as and VentureOutNY to help grow your brand.

Women in Technology

As a female-founded company in a predominantly male industry, we believe women add a fresh and creative perspective and that fostering the success of woman in the tech industry will help us in growing your business as well as the industry in general.

Girls Who Code and Bella Minds are examples of organizations that provide young girls and women with the resources they need to succeed in the tech world. We volunteer and contribute as to these groups and more because we believe it is the right thing to do and, at STARTUP MIND LIMITED, we foster relationships which keeps us at the forefront socially and benefits your brand.


Our Method

Connect your brand and inspire innovation with strategic partnerships
and solutions from the startup industry.

Boosting your brand, efficient and effective growth of your company, and being ahead of the competition is great but how do we at STARTUP MIND LIMITED help you accomplish this? First, we focus on your brand and assess the opportunities and obstacles. Then, using our expertise and relationships, we analyze and assess startup companies and emerging technologies that can help you better accomplish your company's goals, overcome obstacles, and keep you on the cutting edge.

Utilize our relationships with everyone from top investors, startup organizations, accelerators, to co-working spaces in the technology sector, and let us get to work for you.

Embrace Change and Be a Leader in Your Market.

Our services

Be Aware and Explore the Startup Trends

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Strategically Partner With Startups

Harness cutting edge innovations to help your company grow.

Integrated Marketing

Let the startup community accelerate your marketing reach.

Knowledge Is Power. Be the company that is at the forefront of emerging trends and the hottest startup companies with STARTUP MIND LIMITED. We are fully immersed in the startup trenches, working with investors, co-working spaces, accelerators and startup organizations to track up-and-coming trends. Your company benefits with better market vision because the startup industry foreshadows the next big movements in media, social, name it.

Whether it's anything from ideas to execution, from a product launch to a viral campaign, we find startups that are the best fit for your opportunities and obstacles. Plug your company into our extensive startup network and source the most engaging technologies and ideas.

We work with parties for the maximum benefit to all: from the brand seeking solutions and competitive advantages to the startup with the brilliant new idea to revolutionize an industry.

Utilize the unique aspects of the startup community in your marketing efforts. Whether it's documenting a hackathon, solving a brand opportunity, or hosting a public demo day, we implement fresh tech events that are fun, exiting, and a great way to market your brand.

The Rate of Change Is Accelerating – Take Advantage Of It


Looking for a fun and exciting place to work in the fast-changing world of high technology?
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Investment Advisor

STARTUP MIND LIMITED is looking for a Investment Advisor to represent the company in North America to attract the investors and promote our products in this location on behalf of a wide variety of different development companies.

Your work includes contacting potential investors on a particular projects via the communication means (e-mail, phone); discussion and explanation of all the details of the proposed projects; assistance in the choice of the right projects for the investment, ensuring of the convenient methods of the investment between the investor and the developer company. We will provide you the database of the investors and companies with whom you will work.

- Have strong communication, attention-to-detail and organizational skills.
- Proficient in MS Office skills and related computer knowledge.
- Possess an ambitious nature.
- Be a team player with ability to multitask.

Education: High School Diploma
Experience: Not required

Employment Type: Contract position

Salary: We are offering an 6 hour shift, 5 days per week with compensation $8,500.00 per month + commission.

Regular Benefits:
- Paid holidays, vacation/personal days.
- Commission/Bonus structure

If you are talented, active person with the high negotiation skills and looking for a position that includes working directly with clients in order to provide financial advice and guidance as part of an interdependent financial team, our company could be the next step in your career path and exactly the kind of working environment that you have been seeking.

Is it your type of person and you ready to start right now?

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